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Ultimate Job Search Guide: Recruiter Insider Tips

As a retained executive search firm, we get hired for very specific leadership roles for our clients. While we don’t help people find jobs, we want to be a helpful resource for those in job transition. Below is a collection of job search article links and resources. ** Read these articles in order. Why? The […]

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3 Ways Unconscious Bias Impacts Your Job Descriptions

by Karen Bertiger, Managing Director As recruiters, it is our responsibility to ensure a fair interview and selection process; much of a company culture’s inclusion and diversity starts with recruiting, and we take this very seriously. We are proud that our data shows we are at or above industry standards for diverse placements. But we […]

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Woman clerk sitting holding note paper sticker with Welcome word. Business concept. Concept.

Virtual Onboarding

by Karen Bertiger, Managing Director At Herd Freed Hartz our involvement doesn’t end when the candidate accepts the position. The successful onboarding of the employee into the organization will have a lasting impact on that employee’s long-term viability. Part of our responsibility is to help our clients set up new hires for success, but how […]

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Pivoting to Virtual Hiring

Pivoting to Virtual Hiring

By Karen Bertiger, Managing Director Six months ago most organizations would have shunned the idea of a completely virtual hiring process. How can you assess a candidate’s culture fit without sitting across a table from them? How can you onboard a new employee without those essential impromptu hallway conversations and company immersion? At Herd Freed […]

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100 Action Words For Your Resume

A resume is supposed to be a career highlight reel, but most sound boring. Inject some life into your resume by peppering it with a variety of active words. Variety is a key component of dynamic content. Don’t use the same verb more than once to describe your accomplishments. This can be tricky, so for inspiration, […]

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Aim Smart When Targeting A New Job

Bull’s eye! I have a dartboard in my man-cave where my buddies and I play. In darts, sometimes you need to hit the bull’s eye to win, but occasionally it’s the next ring out, like #17 or #19. It’s helpful to think about your job search the same way, as you decide which roles to […]

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The Right Way To Handle References

When a company asks for your references, it’s often the last step in the screening process before receiving an offer. As long as you verify with your contacts, and as long as you have been truthful in your resume and interviews, the reference check should be a non-event. You are on the homestretch. This finish […]

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Should I Send A Cover Letter?

You may feel your cover letter is a beautiful thing with just the right words, tone, and customized message. I hate to break it to you, but it’s a waste of time. The truth is, most recruiters ignore cover letters. Even if the cover letter is a relic of the past, however, that doesn’t mean […]

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Stumped in an Interview? Answer With “3 Things”

So let’s imagine being in an interview. You get asked a challenging, open-ended question, such as “What makes you different as a Financial Analyst?” Or, “On that product launch you just described, what did you learn?” How do you reply when you are not sure what to say next? I’m going to share a fun […]

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How To Give Notice

If you land a new job while currently employed, you need to break up with your current employer. I know this is uncomfortable, but don’t make it worse than it has to be. Give notice well, and the transition can be respectful and professional instead of feeling like an awkward, junior high break-up. Whether you […]

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Thank You: The Last Step In Your Job Search

A job search reminds us that we need each other. It’s all but impossible to land a good gig without some help along the way. Some resume feedback here. An inside connection there. A word of encouragement at just the right time. Once you finally step onto that new job stage and accept your offer, […]

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10 Steps To Negotiate a Job Offer

How would you like to land an easy $1–10K in salary for the same job? That’s the power of negotiating on your job offer, one of the most misunderstood steps in the job search process. I have helped hundreds of candidates negotiate job offers in my career as a recruiter. A lot of misperceptions and […]

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4 Ways To Measure Job Search Progress

THE BIG IDEA: Track what matters in your job search: personal meetings, target companies, hours worked, and positive deposits. The best way to get totally frustrated in your job search is to stress about things you can’t control. No matter how long you stare at your phone, you can’t make a company call you back, […]

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Email Your Resume Like a Pro

First impressions matter. When does the first impression begin on your job search? At the interview? On your resume? Both are important, but the process usually begins with an email. In this post, learn how to email your resume like a pro by recognizing–and fixing–common mistakes. Your resume is a valuable letter, and your email […]

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Turn Your Job Experience Into a Case Study

“Facts tell, but stories sell.” This saying is especially true in a job search if you want to catch the attention of a company. You want the interviewer to think, “Wow. I love that story and what you accomplished. That is the kind of thing we need someone to do for us too! Good resumes […]

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2 Job Interview Questions You Will Get Every Time

All job interviews include two particular questions. Every time. Crafting great answers to these two questions is the best interview prep you can do. If you can answer the questions with crisp, focused responses, you will definitely stand out from the pack. Don’t be surprised. Be ready. When helping friends prep for interviews, I’m amazed […]

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10 Tips To Ace Your In-Person Interview

We’d like to invite you to meet the team to talk about the role.  It’s great to hear those words! Most companies won’t take the time to bring someone in for an in-person interview unless there is genuine interest. This article will help you maximize the opportunity. As a reminder, the in-person interview is like […]

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How To Ask Your Friends For Job Search Help

Your friends want to help you find a job, but most don’t know how. They’ll meet you for coffee, give you some encouragement, and maybe even connect you with a company or colleague. Here are three things you can do to explain to your friends how they can help you. — Can you spot what’s […]

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LinkedIn Hacks to Help Your Research

You’re looking for a new job. You’ve unpacked your career and made some progress researching target companies. Once you determine where you might like to work, connecting with someone on the inside can give you a huge advantage. How do you figure out who works where you want to work? At this point, you can […]

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Add Personality to Your Resume

“Don’t include anything personal on your resume.” This advice has been floating around for years, and I speak from two decades of experience that it’s flat out wrong. Hiring managers really like seeing some personality and insight beyond the skills list. I’ve seen many examples of how resume personality was the difference maker between equally […]

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Resume Tip: Top Third Rule

Hold your breath and slowly count to six in your head. Six to seven seconds. That is the average time most resumes get reviewed before a recruiter makes a decision whether the candidate could be a fit for a role or not. After reviewing at least 50,000 resumes in my career, I would agree with […]

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The Power of Visualization on a Job Search

Most people drift through their job search, looking for an employer to give them a vision for their career. If you know where you are and where you want to go, this will separate you from the pack. Identifying your career goals is very helpful and focusing, but a checklist of ideal job criteria alone […]

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Create Your Target Job Shortlist

The Dozen List is a key part of your job search. After you expand your perspective to identify as many prospects as possible, now its time to narrow your focus. So, “Where do you want to work?” That’s the second-most important question on a job search—right behind, “What do you want to do?” It’s important […]

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What Jobs are Out There?

It’s a big world. Your ideal job may be at a company you’ve never even heard of. Learn how to do your research to discover and build a list of prospects. Looking for a job is much easier if you know where you might want to work. Most people have heard about a handful of […]

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Unpack Your Career to Start Your Job Search

No matter how you got there—resigned, downsized, laid off, fired—stepping out into the job market is an overwhelming experience. You want to get moving and see progress ASAP, but that first step can be the hardest. Most likely, you’re carrying many emotions, memories, and ideas related to your past work, what you liked and didn’t […]

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Gather Your Courage and Get Wisdom

A job change can be humbling. You will likely feel the urge to retreat and go it alone. But this slows down your success and prevents insight on things you could learn that will help you for many years. Other people confirm, or challenge, our assumptions which leads to better outcomes. Wisdom is waiting for […]

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Your DISC Personality Profile

We are all unique and wired differently. It’s one of the frustrating, funny, fascinating parts of life. This design gives the world a wonderful balance and variety. Yet this diversity also leads to tension, conflict, and other challenges when it comes time to understand and communicate with people different than you.. A greater self-awareness helps […]

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Stop Spamming Your Resume

Blasting applications out to as many openings as possible rarely results in a successful job search. Stop spamming your resume. Exhale. There is a better strategy that will land you a job faster. I’ve heard it all too many times from people looking for work: “I sent out twenty resumes today!” Or, “I’ve applied for […]

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Get Organized to Get Hired

For some of us, getting organized is one of life’s never-ending, soul-sucking tasks. Like pulling weeds or doing taxes. So let me make this as simple as possible by boiling it down to four key organization areas. If you’re embarking on a career transition, getting organized in these four areas will set you up for […]

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Check Your 7 Job Search Dashboard Indicators

Is anything holding you back before you begin your job search? The time will come for networking, sending in applications, and scheduling interviews. But first, take time to evaluate these seven critical personal dashboard indicators. Last year, we hit the road to visit family in Oregon. At one point along the way, I started the […]

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24 Ways to Get Recharged in 24 Hours

A successful job search begins before you ever start looking for work. Time is a precious commodity during career transition, but you can’t afford not to dedicate at least one day to get your head, heart, and health in a good place. Going through a job change can trigger all kinds of difficult emotions. Anxiety, fear, shame, […]

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Forbes Top Executive Search

Forbes names Herd Freed Hartz top Northwest executive search firm (2018)

Herd Freed Hartz is honored to have been named by Forbes as the top executive search firm based in the Northwest in 2018.   The firm was named #39 globally and represents a back-to-back win after also earning this honor in 2017.  “With our executive search focus in the Northwest since 2001 working with 250+ clients, […]

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Herd Freed Hartz - Executive Director

Herd Freed Hartz places Master Builders Association new Executive Director

Herd Freed Hartz is proud to announce the completion of the executive search for a new Executive Director for the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. See full article in the Puget Sound Business Journal (March 2, 2018) Former Weyerhaeuser VP is Master Builders’ first woman executive director Kathleen (Kat) Sims was named […]

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Jaja - CEO Herd Freed Hartz

Herd Freed Hartz places new CEO at First Choice Health

Herd Freed Hartz is excited to announce Jaja Okigwe was named at CEO at First Choice Health after an extensive nationwide retained search to replace the retiring CEO. “It was a pleasure partnering with First Choice and the Board to support them throughout the process,” commented Scott Rabinowitz, Partner at Herd Freed Hartz. Full Puget […]

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Jim Herd interviewed by CNBC on companies poaching Amazon’s talent pool

Jim Herd, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Herd Freed Hartz, was interviewed for this CNBC article about the trend of Amazon losing executives as it becomes a prime target for recruiting talent. See full CNBC article (published May 17, 2018) by Eugene Kim Amazon loses another key executive as it becomes a top target for […]

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Port of Seattle

Herd Freed Hartz places Port of Seattle new Executive Director

Herd Freed Hartz is proud to announce the new Executive Director for the Port of Seattle after a thorough nationwide retained executive search process and working closely with key stakeholders and the community. Click here for the full article (March 9, 2018) – Herd Freed Hartz Executive Search Partners has recruited retired U.S. Coast Guard Rear […]

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Best Buzzwords

How Job Title Buzzwords Help You Attract Talent

Paul Freed, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Herd Freed Hartz, was interviewed for a UK article around the trend with companies using new creative buzzwords to attract talent using non-traditional job titles such as “Ninja”, “Rockstar” and “Guru”. See full UK article (published March 2, 2018) HOW JOB TITLE BUZZWORDS CAN HELP YOU ATTRACT TALENT […]

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Home Street

Herd Freed Hartz places new HomeStreet Board member

Herd Freed Hartz partnered with HomeStreet (NASDAQ: HMST) on their recent Board search. See full article in Business Wire (published May 16, 2018):  HomeStreet Announces Conclusion of Director Search Process and Planned Addition of Sandra Cavanaugh to Board of Directors Ms. Cavanaugh will bring extensive investment management and further banking sector operational experience to the […]

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Herd Freed Hartz places Pike Place Market’s new Executive Director

Herd Freed Hartz is excited to announce the new Executive Director of the iconic Pike Place Market we all love and cherish.  It’s an exciting opportunity and a chance to make a big impact in our community. This article appears in print in Seattle Business Magazine, March 2018 issue, as part of the cover story, “The […]

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Gates Foundation Logo

Herd Freed Hartz partners with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for new CFO

Herd Freed Hartz is proud to have had the opportunity to partner with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on their recent CFO nationwide executive search.  We love the work they are doing to improve lives and make a real difference in the world. Press release (from July 5, 2018) — The Bill & Melinda […]

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For the Candidate: 7 Tips to Shine in the Eyes of Your Recruiter

Looking for a new job is full of challenges all of which can be distilled to one essential struggle: making yourself stand out to recruiters. Even the most technically qualified candidate still has to impress a recruiter who is likely already inundated with nearly identical resumes. Keep reading for seven tips to help catch the […]

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Hook Job Seeker

Hook job candidates with your “company sizzle”

(By Karen Bertiger – 2/18/17 published in The Seattle Times) Most company pitches to job candidates tend to start out the same way: either with an innocuous question (Do you want to make a difference by working for an exciting company?) or a dry statement (Company X is a $100M company in the aerospace industry). […]

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Janis Avery - Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the CEO: Janis Avery – Treehouse

Janis Avery is the CEO of Treehouse, a top non-profit, supporting the needs of foster kids in Washington State. In 2016, Janis worked with Fred Pabst of Herd Freed Hartz to place their Chief Financial & Administrative Officer. We recently caught up with Janis to learn more about her philosophy as a leader, and hear […]

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Michael Shultzer - Herd Freed Hartz

Meet the CEO: Michael Schutzler – WTIA

Michael Schutzler is CEO of WTIA provides insight about WTIA and executive leadership.

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Castle Mall

Art of Recruiting Storytelling

We love epic stories like Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and The Matrix. They are timeless…

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Time to Candidate: How Herd Freed Hartz Helps You Find the Right Candidate in Record Time

Time to Candidate: How Herd Freed Hartz Helps You Find the Right Candidate in Record Time

According to a study conducted by Temple University, the optimal length for a CEO’s stay at a company is just 4.8 years. However, the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants reports that almost half of all new CEOs don’t make it past 18 months. Turnover of that rate creates vacancies that can cost potentially […]

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Strike through the Competitive Talent Market

How to Strike through the Competitive Talent Market in Order to Find the Right Candidate

The current competition within the job market is pretty steep, for both employees and employers. Everyone is out there looking for the best candidates, and likewise, candidates are searching among employers to see where they fit best, and fit involves everything from job title, to salary, and more recently, company culture. In many ways, employers […]

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Herd Freed Hartz - Why Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm

Why Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm?

If you’re struggling to place the right executive in your organization, you’ve probably wondered about the merits of hiring an Executive recruiting firm. Is it worth the investment? Shouldn’t my internal HR staff, who knows and understands the needs of my organization, be able to handle the hire? The painful truth that we often remind […]

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Ways Ineffective Recruiting is Hurting Your Business

5 Ways Ineffective Recruiting is Hurting Your Business

You rely on your employees to keep your business running and your customers satisfied, which makes finding the right candidates critical to your success. But let us remind you, in the U.S., managers have an average hiring success rate of only 50%. That’s far too many missed opportunities, and too many unfortunate consequences as a […]

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Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Names Vincent New CEO thanks to Herd Freed Hartz

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board of Directors has named Chad Vincent its new Chief Executive Officer after an extensive national search. Vincent is a seasoned executive with experience successfully taking startups, turnarounds, family owned brands and Fortune 50 divisions to record levels of sales and profitability. He brings […]

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Candidate Experience

Create an Excellent Candidate Experience

Your goal is to ensure that every candidate who has a touch point with your organization not only feels they were treated professionally, but leaves the experience a new fan of your company.

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Recruiting and Hiring Executives

Recruiting and Hiring Executives to Protect Your Bottom Line

Exploring (and protecting your business from) the exorbitant price of hiring the wrong people.

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Understanding Retained Search

Exploring and exploding the myths of executive search for business leaders and HR professionals from Portland, OR’s executive search partners at Herd Freed Hartz.

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Crane in sky

Construction & Real Estate Practice launch (Daily Journal of Commerce)

Herd Freed Hartz was founded in Seattle 15 years ago, and opened a Portland office in 2010…

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Update shear

Meet the President: David Shear – SheerID

We provide instant eligibility verification to power retailers’ specific offers…

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Isola Homes

Isola Homes announces new VP of Land Acquisition for future growth

Herd Freed Hartz announced today that it placed Nick Ridgeway as Vice President of Land Acquisitions…

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Karianne Fallow Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the CEO: Karianne Fallow – United Dairymen of Idaho

Currently serving as the CEO of the United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI), Karianne Fallow…

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