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For the Candidate: 7 Tips to Shine in the Eyes of Your Recruiter

Looking for a new job is full of challenges all of which can be distilled to one essential struggle: making yourself stand out to recruiters. Even the most technically qualified candidate still has to impress a recruiter who is likely already inundated with nearly identical resumes. Keep reading for seven tips to help catch the […]

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Time to Candidate: How Herd Freed Hartz Helps You Find the Right Candidate in Record Time

Time to Candidate: How Herd Freed Hartz Helps You Find the Right Candidate in Record Time

According to a study conducted by Temple University, the optimal length for a CEO’s stay at a company is just 4.8 years. However, the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants reports that almost half of all new CEOs don’t make it past 18 months. Turnover of that rate creates vacancies that can cost potentially […]

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Strike through the Competitive Talent Market

How to Strike through the Competitive Talent Market in Order to Find the Right Candidate

The current competition within the job market is pretty steep, for both employees and employers. Everyone is out there looking for the best candidates, and likewise, candidates are searching among employers to see where they fit best, and fit involves everything from job title, to salary, and more recently, company culture. In many ways, employers […]

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Herd Freed Hartz - Why Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm

Why Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm?

If you’re struggling to place the right executive in your organization, you’ve probably wondered about the merits of hiring an Executive recruiting firm. Is it worth the investment? Shouldn’t my internal HR staff, who knows and understands the needs of my organization, be able to handle the hire? The painful truth that we often remind […]

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Ways Ineffective Recruiting is Hurting Your Business

5 Ways Ineffective Recruiting is Hurting Your Business

You rely on your employees to keep your business running and your customers satisfied, which makes finding the right candidates critical to your success. But let us remind you, in the U.S., managers have an average hiring success rate of only 50%. That’s far too many missed opportunities, and too many unfortunate consequences as a […]

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Hook Job Seeker

Hook job candidates with your “company sizzle”

(By Karen Bertiger – 2/18/17 published in The Seattle Times) Most company pitches to job candidates tend to start out the same way: either with an innocuous question (Do you want to make a difference by working for an exciting company?) or a dry statement (Company X is a $100M company in the aerospace industry). […]

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Janis Avery - Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the CEO: Janis Avery – Treehouse

Janis Avery is the CEO of Treehouse, a top non-profit, supporting the needs of foster kids in Washington State. In 2016, Janis worked with Fred Pabst of Herd Freed Hartz to place their Chief Financial & Administrative Officer. We recently caught up with Janis to learn more about her philosophy as a leader, and hear […]

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Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Names Vincent New CEO thanks to Herd Freed Hartz

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board of Directors has named Chad Vincent its new Chief Executive Officer after an extensive national search. Vincent is a seasoned executive with experience successfully taking startups, turnarounds, family owned brands and Fortune 50 divisions to record levels of sales and profitability. He brings […]

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Candidate Experience

Create an Excellent Candidate Experience

Your goal is to ensure that every candidate who has a touch point with your organization not only feels they were treated professionally, but leaves the experience a new fan of your company.

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Michael Schultzer Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the CEO: Michael Schutzler – WTIA

Michael Schutzler is CEO of WTIA provides insight about WTIA and executive leadership.

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Art of Recruiting Storytelling

We love epic stories like Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and The Matrix. They are timeless…

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Recruiting and Hiring Executives

Recruiting and Hiring Executives to Protect Your Bottom Line

Exploring (and protecting your business from) the exorbitant price of hiring the wrong people.

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Understanding Retained Search

Exploring and exploding the myths of executive search for business leaders and HR professionals from Portland, OR’s executive search partners at Herd Freed Hartz.

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Construction & Real Estate Practice launch (Daily Journal of Commerce)

Herd Freed Hartz was founded in Seattle 15 years ago, and opened a Portland office in 2010…

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David Shear Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the President: David Shear – SheerID

We provide instant eligibility verification to power retailers’ specific offers…

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Isola Logo

Isola Homes announces new VP of Land Acquisition for future growth

Herd Freed Hartz announced today that it placed Nick Ridgeway as Vice President of Land Acquisitions…

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Karianne Fallow Seattle & Portland Recruiter

Meet the CEO: Karianne Fallow – United Dairymen of Idaho

Currently serving as the CEO of the United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI), Karianne Fallow…

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