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No Need to Outsource: How Executive Search Consultants Can Help Your Company Grow


Is your company’s in-house recruiting falling short of the mark? Don’t’ worry, there’s no need to jump immediately to outsourced recruiting (although, we can help with that if need be). If you have your own, in-house recruiting process and would like to invest in strengthening it, here’s how:

Executive Search Consultants Can Help

Herd Freed Hartz is one of the best executive search firms in Seattle; top-tier executive recruitment is our mission, whether we’re working in consultation or as lead recruiters, and that can mean helping your in-house recruitment team develop their strategy to pull the best hires from the field.

We Can Help Illustrate What Makes You Different

Pinpointing and illustrating what makes your business different is proactive way to address common candidate questions and can further function as a pre-screening. The more information you provide, the more readily candidates can determine for themselves if they will be a good fit for your company. Phone interview times can be reduced by as much as 30% by proactively answering key questions, because your interviewer won’t be repeating information. What sets your business apart is a composite of what service/product you offer; what a typical sale looks like; historical and planned growth; your CEO’s background and more.

We Can Help Craft an Inspiring Company Story

Your company story is key to your company identity. A good story creates the opportunity for emotional connections to your brand and company, explains your company origin, and your vision for the future. We can help you craft one true to your core mission.

We’ll Help Define Key Outcomes for Your Hires

Most job descriptions make the mistake of listing all the activities hires can expect to be busy with. Defining key outcomes for hires to achieve shows them how they can be heros for your company. The best candidates available like to know what challenges they’ll face and how they can make a measurable impact. Addressing key outcomes so early in the recruitment process will also help to define job qualifications and give onboarding hires a sense of what they’re working toward.

We’ll Help Define and Describe Role Activities

You want to inspire the best talent to apply, but you also need to give them a realistic job preview. We will work with you to define and describe what a typical week looks like and what percentage of time is spent on given activities. This is another opportunity for your recruiters to answer common questions and to pre-screen candidates with a clearer understanding of the job.

We’ll Help You Define the Job’s Qualifications

Like key outcomes, a job’s qualifications should be clear and measurable. Vague, too few, or personality-oriented qualifications can make it seems as though everyone is qualified. We’ll help you cut down the time to hire by getting down to what you want. Together, we’ll challenge each qualification till the list is lean and focused, empowering you with a crystal clear screening criteria.

While we are passionate about helping companies find the best new hires in their field, we are just as eager to help in-house recruiters help themselves. Investing in your in-house recruiter is an investment in the health of the entire company and its future.

Contact us today to learn more about what the executive search consultants at Herd Freed Hartz can do for you.

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